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how do i download a workbook , ?

i have turned off my firewall as it may be preventing me from downloading a workbook , how do i do it

March 2013
Turn your firewall back on. The firewall will NEVER prevent you from downloading any file.

Two very good and free alternatives to Microsoft Office:
Libre Office

BOTH are totaly FREE and will open any MS Office files.

For my PDF, I use Foxit. There are MANY other PDF readers to chose from. ALL are FREE.

For archives, I use IZarc, but there are others very good ones available. It's a prety good multi format archiver. Just be sure to decline ALL proposed side installs. NONE are needed, ALL are just junk.

I realy like to get "sanitised" installers.

On a web site, to download a file:
Often, simply clicking the download link or button will start the download automaticaly.
Alternatively, you can right-click the link and chose "Download..."

In both cases, after a small to long wait depending on your connection speed and file size, you now have the downloaded file on your desktop or in your designated download folder.

ALWAYS scan any .EXE, .MSI, .SCR and any other executable file with your anti-virus before opening it.

March 2013
All files have what's known as an "extension" that describes the type of file.

.exe is an executable file - a programme that runs
.xls is an Excel spreadsheet file (needs Excel)
.doc or .docx is a Microsoft Word file (needs Word)
.pdf stands for Portable Document Format (needs Acrobat)

To open the first you just need confidence that it's not malicious

For the next two you need the appropriate Microsoft Office programme (Excel or Word for which you will have to pay)
To open the last (pdf) you will first need to download or already have on your machine Adobe's free Acrobat reader.

And to do it you click on the download icon and look at the bottom left of your screen to see what's happening.

The extension of the file indicates which application programme can make use (display) the contents of the fle - without the appropriate application programme you're somewhat blind.

Good luck...

March 2013
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