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my laptop wont let me go on certain sites?

my laptop wont let me go on certain sites e.g,littewoods what can i do to resolve this?

September 2012
It depends on how you connect, if you are at home or using some institutional network,...

The sites you mention LOOKS like inocuitous online stores.

If NOT at home, it means that the system administrator have blocked access to those sites or domains. You may ask if they can be unblocked, probably with some time and/or location restrictions.

If at home:
Check your router configuration. It's easy to block access to some domains, some times by mistake.

It may blocked by your ISP. Communicate with it and see what the isue is.

Check your hosts file located in:
Open it in notepad.
Look if the problem sites appears preceded by on some line.
Suppress those line and save.

Check your firewall configuration. It may be set to block some domains. In this case, it may not be safe to unblock those as those are probably flagged as malicious for some very good reasons, but it's also possible that the blocking was done by mistake.
You can use the followings to check the trustwortyness of any site:
(replace (SITE) by the address you want to check)

Maybe your antivirus is blocking those. DON'T change that. It's a sure sign that those ARE malicious and very dangerous!!!!!

September 2012

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