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how to get past Lightspeed filter???

I need to get past lightspeed genre filter to play some games in my spare time at school. but this stupid lightspeed genre filter blocks all forums, game websites, adn stuff like that. i just want to play sum games...sum websites are specifically on the block list, but the others i think i cud get to if i cud get past the lightspedd genre filter...

January 2011
Lightspeed runs as a proxy monitoring all lan to wan trafic from your school. That makes it affect ALL browsing independently from the browser and computer used. As long as you use the school's net (connect anywhere in the school) it controlls the web access.

You may, politely, ask for some time based extended access to some game related sites.
If you do and get some access, you MUST be responsible and never abuse that privilege.

You will need to demonstrate that your gaming don't hinder your studies by doing your school works, study and generaly get good grades.

April 2011
I second "A Grown-up"

BTW, don't bother with Milly's suggestion either - it's rubbish.

February 2011
I heard that if you download firefox and install it on a flash drive, you can bring the drive to your school plug it in and just use mozilla instead of internet explorer. I've never had the time to try it myself, though. Good luck.

January 2011
You don't. It's as simple as that. The PC belongs to the school, not you.

If they want you not to use the PC in specific ways, respect their wishes about what they want done with their property.

I've seen first hand the damage that can be done by some pillock trying to be clever - Oh, it'll be alright, I KNOW this site is safe. That was just before he copped a nasty trojan that tried to dump several GB across our corporate network.

The stupid pillock doesn't work for us any more. Or anywhere else that he'd have acces to a PC, I sincerely hope.

One thing you COULD do with your spare time is learn how to express yourself using English.

A Grownup
January 2011
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