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E machine operating system error?

When I turn on my emachine the screen displays operation system not found. But it only happened when I unplugged the computer to move it. How do I fix it?

February 2013
how do I get a installation disc

d grew
October 2013
My bet would be a faulty hard drive. Not quite dead yet, but it can die any time. ALL YOUR DATA ON THAT DRIVE ARE AT DEADLY RISK!

BACK UP all your personal data and collected documents AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! An external drive is great for that purpose.

Now, get a new hard drive, replace your actual drive with it.
That drive is empty: NO operating system, No application, NO system factory restore.
Install your operating system on the new drive.
If you don't have the installation CD or DVD, you can download and burn an image and use it. It will allow you tu use your actual licence as long as it's the same version; XP to XP, Vista to Vista or 7 to 7.
When offered, FORMAT the new drive.
Reinstall the required drivers.
Reinstall ALL your applications.
Restore your data and documents.

February 2013

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