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Idiots guide required for wiring Accenta G4 to a Pyronix Delta Bell?

I have managed to wire the complete alarm system, 3 x PIRs, 1 x Door Contact, Control Box and LCD Key pad, all looks to be working fine, I am trying to wire a Pyronix Delta Bell but the instructions from the manufacture look complex ( I am not an Electrician but I am ok with simple wiring ). I have tried to compare the instructions for the G4 to the Delta Bell but I am confused as to what wires have to go where. The Delta Bell has instructions for Honeywell systems but I could do with a simplified explanation.

Delta Bell connections are

+ 12V
- 12V

The second T down is bridged to the top Fault from the manufacture.

My Accenta G4 control panel has

Speaker symbol
Speaker symbol
+ Strobe
- Strobe
D Bell +
B Bell -

The T and the A SCB are bridged also from the manufacture.

My cables are 6 core.

Thanks Matt

Matt Smith
November 2012
You can pick whatever colours you want.
But T to T is not a good idea.
READ the manuals.
See what does what and then come back with an question, rather than just wanting it handed on a plate.

November 2012
I was hoping for a "use a white wire from T on control panel to T SCB on the siren" type answer.

It may seem obvious if you know alarms but it was the idiots guide I was after thanks.

Matt Smith
November 2012
Knowing the panel and sounder.
With the instructions you have.
There is no way I can make it any simpler.

November 2012


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