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My Humax PVR9200T has deleted my recorded programmes?


I know there are similar posts about this but I can't find an up to date one. My Humax PVR9200T has deleted all my recorded programmes last week. It says I have about 6% free so they are stuck somewhere in the system. Any way of getting these back? It has happened before but then I found most of the programmes recorded onto the ends of previously recorded prgrammes? How it linked these together I have no idea??? But this time it doesn't even seem to be doing this and I've tried the 1 minute rule.

It was having problems leading up to this as well. Such as not recording at all, freezing and generally being slow. -Should have figured something was going to go wrong sooner or later.

I've heard you can download recorded programmes onto the PC. Can I do this? How and will it transfer my lost programmes?

Thanks for your help!

March 2012


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