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bootgr error ?

compaq laptop vista tried to reboot to manufactures showed bootgr error & error code 1002

September 2011
I suspect that you meant "bootmgr" and dropped an "m".

That message appears if the bootmgr file is missing. It's suposed to reside in the root folder of the C:\ drive.
It's suposed to have the Read only, System and Hide flags set, making hard to remove.
There is no realy easy way to repair that if windows file protection did not already auto-correct it.

You may try geting a copy of it from another computer running the same version of Windows as your's and copy it on an USB stick.
Next, using a live CD, like a Linux one, boot the computer from the live CD.
Insert your USB stick and copy that file to C:\.
Remove the Live Cd.
Boot normaly.
Open a console. (this is not absolutely required, but strongly recomended)
If you are not at C:\, but C:\windows\..., type cd.. to move up in the folders structure untill you are at C:\.
If you are NOT on C:\, type "C:"
Type this string exactly, including spaces:
attrib bootmgr +s +h +r

If that don't work:
Use the Live CD to make a backup copy of all the user files from the C:\ drive, or the Windows install drive if different than C:\.
Next, reinstall Windows, reinstall everything starting with the drivers and restore your data.

September 2011

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