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why does my dvd/cd drive not recognise blank discs?

Hi all. my dve drive will play discs, but when i try to burn to a blank disc it keeps telling me to insert a disc - even though i already have. i have tried many blank discs to check and always the same problem..any ides please?

andy barker
July 2011
A simple CD/DVD drive or reader can only recognize and read already recorded media. For those, any blank is the same as NO disk.

To recognize and burn a recordable media, you need a CD/DVD writer (CD-R or DVD-R) or a rewriter (CD-RW or DVD-RW)

The CD versions can only work with a CD-R disk.
A DVD version can record both Cds and DVDs.

Now, a DVD-RW can be bough for 10$ to 20$ depending on the store and your location. A CD-RW will costs about the same, if you can find one...

July 2011
do you have a dvd/cd rewriter drive?

July 2011

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