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My DLP Optoma projector goes off automatically?

My DLP Optoma projector goes off automatically after turning on for 2 minutes, then on again ad eventually turns off with the lamp and temperature LED flashing.
I have replaced the lamp but the proplem is still persistent.

Could the logic board be bad?

March 2011
Looks like it's overheating, as shown by the temperature LED flashing. The lamp does generate a lot of heat.

First, make sure that any air intake and outtakes are free from obstruction.

Don't place it on a carpet or a cushion. That can prevent air from flowing correctly.

Unplug it from the wall. Open the cover(s).

There should be some fan. Make sure that it's free to spin and not covered with dust.

Remove any dust from the air ducts and any heat sinks. Use caned compressed air to blow the dust away.

Plug it back. Turn it on for a few seconds. Does all fans spin?
Check that all fans are working.
If a fan don't work, make sure it's properly connected and that nothing prevent it from spining.
Remove any obstruction and double check it's connection.

Any fan that still don't spin will need to be replaced.

Your original lamp should still be good. Keep it in a safe place.

April 2011

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