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How can I fix my Toby bass amp vu meter?

I have a 1960's vintage Toby Bass amp that has a vu-meter that does not work. It does not light up. The amp works but not the vu meter. It is a monarch brand vu-meter VU-103 mounted in a Toby Flip top solid state bass amp. It was made by Toby Music systems in Fort Worth, Texas. Does anyone have any information or a schematic or sales brochure for this amp or a nos vu meter to replace the Monarch VU-Meter?

Alexander Hill
January 2011
yes I will sell it for $500 cash. Too big to ship unless you don't mind paying shipping
Call me at 540-774-5568

January 2012
Hi Alexander,

I can't help, but want you to know you're not alone! I've been looking for Toby amp info ever since I saw a fliptop at Cascio Music in Milwaukee (Frank Cascio's 1st store after he tired of visiting student's homes to give accordion lessons.) If you ever want to sell it, let me know...

Johnny L

Johnny L
November 2011


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