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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amplifier?

My bass frequency dial on my Fender Hot Rod amp doesn't work. Is there any way I can fix it myself? The knob is on tight and ir turns okay. It just won't change the bass frequency.

Rich Thacker
June 2012
Your amp doesn't require a trained tech. Just leave it switched off for 48 hours pop the chasis out and check the solder joints on the pot in question. Its probably one of those dry jointed. just apply some more solder with your trusty iron. Either that or a replacement pot which is an easy fitting on the PCB.

January 2013
No, that is a job for a Fender trained tech. Might be one near you. Messing around in a tube amp can be very dangerous even if it is not plugged in, capacitors store electricity and need to be "drained". It is possible it is a capacitor on the potentiometer the controls the bass that is bad or poorly soldered.

January 2013

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