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my actuator on heatline c28 is wet?

Hello, I have had problems with my boiler for a while now cutting out only after a minute or so but does eventually heat radiators well.
It has now blown fuses inside the boiler, which I have traced to the actuator which is wet.
I am hoping that this is the reason the boiler has been playing up as well as blowing the fuses.
Can I use the boiler without the actuator in place, also is it the actuator seal that is causing the water to get into it or the main valve seal? many thanks for any help

January 2011
Usually it's the seal on the 3 way valve shaft leaking. You can get a service kit for it for £10 or so, part no. 3003202082. If the actuator motor is corroded it might need replacing too, 3003200039. Without the actuator you will only get heating or hot water, can't remember which, best get it working properly before you fire it up again.

February 2017

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