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Fishy odor in my Haier 6000 btu AC?

Last two nite we got a very STRONG fishy odor from the above AC. Any Suggestions? No there are no fish around. The AC is less than two yrs old. 2nd floor bed room

Gary Biller
August 2006
Some electrical insulation can give a fishy smell when overheating.

April 2008
Sounds like a mildew problem....pull front cover ..air filter ect and expose evaporarator ......has all the fins ect ....
You can go by local air condition shop and ask them for a cleaner or have seen people use a 50/50 mix of bleacjk and water and with spray bottle spray in it the unit ..don`t worry it should drain out the back drain .....if it isn`t clogged ...witch it could be and is causing problem
in which letting this solution soak will repair problem
Hopefully this helps

February 2007


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