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how can I stop my ac from leaking water out the bottom?

my ac works but after 3 months started leaking h2o out bottom. Little to no h2o comes out of drain plug , even when hose used , what can I do ? Haier #cprbo9xc7

May 2010
your drain is plugged have to figure out where it is plugged.once u find this out,then you simply clean it out.i like to clean my a/c out before ever installing it.take what covers you can get ,off.spay out with a garden hose.clean the condensor and the evaporator.try not to spray the control box,on anything elecrical.clean the filters.let dry out.tilt unit to drain excess should have a good a/c unit to run all season.just remember use common sense when doing this.if your not comfortable doing it,find someone who can.

June 2010

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