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Intermittent problem with my Humax PVR 9200T STB ?

My Humax PVR9200T STB will sometimes either not respond, or is very slow to repond to commands from either the remote or the STB buttons. This is an intermittent, although increasing, problem. The only solution appears to turn the box off and on at the mains. The STB is about two years old and I have never had any problems with the TV picture freezing.

April 2010
I did find turning off series link recording helped - set the record start and end times away from the normal time and that stops a lot of functionality that slows things a lot.

April 2010
I can't solve your problem but you are not alone. After 3 daily e-mails to Humax I eventually had a response but their solution did not work. I have now indicated to them unless a fix is quickly supplied for my Humax 9200T I shall persue them under the Sale of Goods Act as the unit when bought was ' Not fit for purpose' although I was assured at the time that there would be no problem on the switchover to total digital! From which point (early April this year) my unit has become virtually useless.

April 2010
Hello, I have same problems. Also, it has begun to freeze while replaying recordings (this last seems to indicate that I may need a new STB) However, I'm first going to try the total reinstall as at digital switchover time. This has worked in the past to speed things up. There are good instructions for this at digitaluk and The key seems to be to first delete all the current channels. Good luck. (I think you will lose all your recording schedule, but not your recorded programmes)

Dotty Mermaid
April 2010


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