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Help my laptop loads up really slow?

Hi I have encountered this problem with my acer laptop 5100 aspire series my problem is my laptop is really slow on loading it will take until the battery almost it as it peak time to recharge also when it does go in the window i head this start up music slow and sluggish and all the while the whole proccess to booting up the programs is very slow and when you have a voice conferrence the voice quallity is very slow is like taking an old voice recorder with low battery the voice is just so slow and also it sounds like you're talking to a giant on the other end i dont know what had cause this my laptop was running very fine also i noticed that it always has this consistently disc checking in ntfs fat 32 what does this means ? will anybody help me ?

jennifer M
February 2008
hi, i am also having the same problem with my laptop, it seems alot of people are, one of the things that helped my laptop alot is if you: click on start go to control panel, click on system, advanced, and then click on adjust for best performance the graphics look 1990s but hey, it speeds up alot.

hope this helps


April 2009
FYO Adrian Hill...

I am experiencing the same problem with a 5100...have you managed to pinpoint it yet? This is my third install of windows xp pro, and i've swapped out the ram and even unplugged the wireless card, but still getting nowhere! Arg so frustrating!

Dave Kenworthy
September 2008
I have the exact same problem as this and it's so frustrating. This is the second time it happens. I need to try and find my backup discs because that is what fixed it last time. However it is unbelievably frustrating!

I have tried everything before the complete reboot and its impossible. Just back up important documents e.g music/work, and then get the initial reboot discs you created when you first started the laptop and reboot.

June 2008
Aaarrgghhh Acer Laptops and the mysterious slow down problem....
I too have observed this phenomena, and have the boot up stutterrrrinnnggg sound problem. Personally I suspected the hard drive, as I noticed that apps seemed to take forever to load, but once loaded seemed to work ok. It seemed that only when the HDD was accessed did everything slow down.
Well, I used performance monitor in admin tools to look at various counters in the Physical Disk object, and lo and behold, while my desktop PC was easily managing transfer rates of 15-20 MB/s my laptop never exceeded 1 MB/s.
This difference can not be explained by 2.5 vs. 3.5 inch drives or 4200 rpm vs. 7500 rpm.
I tried defragmenting the laptop HDD: Result-> no change.
I tried cleaning up the registry with Registry Mechanic -> no change
I tried removing all the special button software -> no change.

Only a clean re-install of the OS seems to fix it.... but after a while the same thing starts happening again.

So, something seems to be causing acer laptop HDD performance to worsen over time. What it is I don't know.

Adrian Hill
May 2008
You say the computer voice sounds like a gaint, is it possible that it is a gaint and you,ve nicked the laptop along with a harp and golden goose from Jack, If this is so then stop using the laptop or you could be hearing fe fy foe fum.

Mr Story
February 2008

Once you have windows defender on you can use the TOOLS section to see what programs load on start up. You may have alot of programs that dont need to start starting up when you turn the pc on.
With out knowing whats in the list its hard to tell you what should not be there.....
a few examples are. Itunes, quicktime, java, adobe reader and downloader, winzip.....

I have taken the below of the microsoft web site.....

Removing Unwanted Programs with Software Explorer
Unwanted programs are not always easy to remove through typical uninstall procedures. In addition, important programs might require components that seem to be unwanted programs. Therefore, Software Explorer enables you to disable potentially unwanted software to test its removal until you feel safe removing it. You can easily restore disabled software if necessary.

To disable or remove unwanted software:

In the toolbar, click the Tools button, and then click Software Explorer.
In the Category menu, select a category to disable or remove.
Select the application to disable or remove.
Click Disable or Remove.
To enable previously disabled software:

In the toolbar, click the Tools button, and then click Software Explorer.
In the Category menu, select a category to enable.
Select the application to enable.
Click Enable.

I hope this helps!!


February 2008

I think I understand your problem is slow performance during the startup of your computer. This can be caused by many different sources.

I could better help you if I knew which version of Windows operating system you are running. I am assuming Windows XP Home from your model number, but I am a little confused with the disk check in both NTFS and FAT32. FAT32 is usually used with Windows 98 operating systems.

The first thing I would check is that you have a good anti-virus/anti-spyware software installed AND updated. Having spyware and/or viruses can cause your performance to suddenly drop and your computer to run really slow. If you need a good anti-spyware, use Windows Defender. It is free if you download it from Microsoft’s website. If you need anti-virus, I am sorry to say, but the only way to get a good antivirus is going to cost a little. McAfee is one of the best out there.
Another major factor in slow computer performance is “fragmentation” in your hard drive and your registry. Simply put, fragmentation just means that data on your computer is misplaced and your computer is taking a little longer to find all that misplaced data. You can solve both of these problems by downloading two easy programs. If you go to and download “AusLogics Registry Defrag” and “AusLogics Disk Defrag,” Then install both programs and run them on your computer. You should notice a difference almost immediately.
There are other options to try. If these don’t help, feel free to email me and I can give a few more suggestions.

Patrick Sewell
February 2008


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