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how can i fix a malfunctioning PHILIP DVD-RAM SDVD8821 cd-rom drive?

i have been working on an acer aspire 3682 running windows xp SP2 OS. It is unable to read or write any CD. The drive is specifically a PHILIP DVD-RAM SDVD8821_EX04. When you view hardware information from device manager, it displays an error state and explaind that the drivers for it are either corrupted or missing. i have googled the the driver but have been unable to come up with anything much. would be grateful for any help in this. I'm quite desperate so please do help and quick if possible! Thanks in advance!

Joshua Arthur
January 2008
i have tried to get the drivers from the acer website but no avail. will try unplugging it and replugging the cables as you said tho. hope that works and then i'll get back to you. Thanks!

January 2008
First of all try using a cleaner. Next go to the Acer site and ensure that you have up to date drivers for the device. Next, with power off, unplug ands replug the device cables. If neither fixes it then you need to buy a new drive as they are not repairable.

January 2008


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