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Humax 9200T ends recording early?

Our Humax 9200T has started ending programs being recorded by a couple of minutes. We select the programs from the on screen guide so thought that the machine would run until the program finished??

December 2011

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You don't give any specific examples of this happing or what recording options you use. There are a number of reasons that truncation can occur. I have no issues with early terminations of recordings but I do have to tweak a few timers with the following in mind.

I've seen references on the internet to broadcast error for this issue. I've have never ever experienced this apart from the Five group of channels.
If it is a 5 channel that you have an issue with then the solution is to set up an individual timer to end a few minutes after the scheduled time.

Some channels do not broadcast 'Accurate Recording' signals. This does not apply to the main TV channels. It does apply to The BBC Radio channels and Yesterday.
If this were to happen then the solution on the 9200T would be either to turn padding on for all programmes and use repeat timers - or to individually edit timers on these channels so that they have padding.

On the 9200T if you add auto padding to the start of all programmes (MENU > Record > Recording's Start Time) then Accurate Recording gets turned off. This means that the recording will stop at the scheduled end time even if the programme has not finished yet. A solution is to set both 'Recording's Start Time' and 'Recording's End Time' to 'On Time'. Unfortunately the 9200 is not very good at starting recordings promptly and this could mean that you loose a few seconds from the start instead.

The Humax 9000 PVRs suffer from an occasional issue when there are two scheduled recordings with one scheduled to end at the same time that another is scheduled to start. When this happens the first programme may stop slightly early.
A solution is to record the repeat of one of the two programmes instead. Or you could record that programme as well just in case the first gets cut off early.

On the Humax 9000s you can press record while watching a programme live. Albert, you have stated that this does not apply to you. But for others, unfortunately instant recordings will the stop at the scheduled time. A possible solution is to press the record button again and using the right hand key extend the end time by 10 minutes or more.

December 2011

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