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Can someone help me get past the Lightspeed blocker?

My highschool uses this to limit websites, and frankly, they go overboard with it. I'll need to do tons of research this semester in English, however, pretty much EVERYTHING is off limits! It took me forty minutes to find a site that wasn't blocked (that's this site)! Note that I was looking for information on job occupations and recent national news. To add to that, the computers will all shut down if one get 25 'access denied' within a minute in a half; the whole system is retarded. And no, proxies will not work.

I do not own a computer myself, and the local library is way too far away; I have to use the ones at my school. So yeah, help?

Emily V.
January 2011

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I agree wholeheartedly with T.

That said; the PC belongs to the school, not you. If they want you not to use the PC in specific ways, respect their wishes about what they want done with their property.

I've seen first hand the damage that can be done by some pillock trying to be clever - "Oh, it'll be alright, I KNOW this site is safe." That was just before he got infected with a nasty trojan that tried to dump several GB across our corporate network.

The stupid pillock doesn't work for us any more. Or anywhere else that he'd have acces to a PC, I sincerely hope.

Of course, if the school's IT manager hasn't been doing his job properly and failed to set up content filtering in a way that is suitable for an educational establishment, given the subjects you are expetced to cover, then he needs to be pulled up.

Start with your course tutor, then head of department and the principal.

Explain that your school's IT filtering is implemented in a way that stops uyou doing your course work.

You could also ask for a list of webistes which are considered suitable for your needs, but which aren't blocked.

Explain that you don't expect your lack of facilities at home to be prejudiuced by the school's inability to implement an IT policy effectively.

April 2011

Very simple. Make a case to your teacher/tutor that in order to carry out your school, work, you need better access to the World Wide Web.

February 2011

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