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how can i recover data from a broken usb stick. ?

the bit that goes into the computer has snapped boss is going to kill much work on it :... [Read more]
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usb adapter?

how can i watch films on my usb stick when my tv has no usb conection
Mend Video, Televisions

settings to change language?

Xenius TV a got it off a friend, all setting are in another language and ave tried to see now to change it bk,... [Read more]
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

Bluetooth won't work on ford fiesta 59 plate ?

The radio and USB work but Bluetooth won't. No phone will de bond or activate. Bluetooth won't turn on.
Mend Video, Televisions

tv usb will not play videos -only photos and music?

does anyone know how to play videos /m ovies thru a tv -cheaply --my usb only sees photos or music
Mend Video, MP4 Players

can u fix it?

i have a mp4 player used it for the first time when i plug in it said new software found but then after i got ... [Read more]
Mend Navigation, Satellite Navigation

Identifying D4 component on a TomTom start ?

Hello, I have a TomTom start N14644 that no longer comes up. I have opened up the unit and there is one diode ... [Read more]
Mend Computers, Computer Hardware

usb ?

my usb ports arent working and aren,t even on device manager
Mend Office Appliances, Photocopiers

how print iR2270 printer/xerox from computer ?

I install software fully. but computer show that usb port not configured. when I confiured USB then show for I... [Read more]
Mend Computers, Desktop PCs

How to fix the booting problem?

I have an old, assembled desk top loaded with win7 ultimate. It has got 80 GB hard disk and 1 GB RAM. Earlier ... [Read more]
Mend Memory, USB Pen Drives

Pen Drive USB Drivers?

I have 4 GB pen Drive, property show 199 Mb only how i can repaired it for 4GB capacity
Mend Telephones, Mobile Phones

how to replace samsung galaxy exhibit II t679 usb port?

What steps are needed to replace usb charging port on my Samsung Galaxy Exhibit II 4G?
Mend Cameras, Digital Cameras

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30 System Error (Zoom)?

I have a TZ30, one year and 5 days old so out of warranty, and the lens is stuck. Not quite fully closed, and... [Read more]
Mend Video, DTT Receivers

my thomson dh1685p diigital set top box wont recognise any usb devices?

Was all good now says no usb device detected. Have tried different memory sticks etc but still nothing. Help
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How to use USB on Transonic TV . SRO 61188?

I have a Transonic TV model SRO6118. It has a USB on the side of monitor. I have plugged in a External drive &... [Read more]
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

which one?

Forgetting all the acutraments (additional features) which one for installing in my caravan to pick up radio ... [Read more]
Mend Software, Media Players

logik log-04-4gb ?

when i plug it into my usb on my computer it says boot error,shuting down. then turns off. how can I fix this... [Read more]
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usb port broken how do i chang it and part no/
Mend Memory, USB Pen Drives

read only report?

how to remove read only on USB stick
Mend Memory, USB Pen Drives

how can I fix my intergral 2G memory stick?

My memory stick no longer runs on my computer, usb port is ok, light on stick does not come on, nothing in fol... [Read more]

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