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Techwood 32884 hd digital tv?

techwood 32884 hd digital tv is not responding to all remote keys and does not see tv input
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my Itachi digital recorder keeps swiching itself offf?

my Hitachi tv recorder model HDR 255 has started switching itself off especially on stand by any sujestions
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Sage com Digital TV receiver?

My Sagemcom DTR 6400T/6700T is flashing 00.00 when switched on, was working perfectly fine before a power cut ... [Read more]
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BBC I player won't load?

Hi hope this is a simple one I have a jvc 48 inch uhd tv all linked to the Wi Fi no problem plays you tube and... [Read more]
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How can i fix my Goodmans GD11FVRSD32 320gb twin tuner digital tv recorder?

My Goodmans GD11FVRSD32 320gb twin tuner digital tv recorder has frozen without a picture showing on tv screen... [Read more]
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Analogue to Digital?

I have an old Sony Trinitron TV model KV-36FS70K set for analogue reception, when I bought it i am sure they s... [Read more]
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how to fix ?

my uncle threw out a techwood 32884 HD digital tv because when he switches it on the red light keeps going off... [Read more]
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Stuck dvd in Techwood DVDs tv player 22884 hrs dvd digital tv?

There is a DVD stuck in the DVD and it won't eject, does anybody know how to remove it.
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tv isn't coming on straight away?

I have a 15" LCD digital tv in my caravan. Every time we put the tv on and re tune it, it doesn't come on, a... [Read more]
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how to fix my panasonic SC-AK 40 aux?

I use my Samsung TV as a computer screen using a HDMI cable between my desktop and TV. Using a Digital to Ana... [Read more]

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