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BBC I player won't load?

Hi hope this is a simple one I have a jvc 48 inch uhd tv all linked to the Wi Fi no problem plays you tube and everything all linked to sky box fine, so here comes the problem when I go onto the bbc I player app it says tv has no channels listed and have to be connected to Internet,do you have to link it to a digital areal or something it also won't let me use free view either, thanks in advance

June 2018
Brilliant thanks very much for your reply thankyou

June 2018
Freeview needs an ariel (or areal if you must).

BBC iPlayer is an INternet service, however the set may someohow tell iPlayer what chanels you can view, using infomration from the EPG, and hence will need the set tuned to digital TV via an ariel.

The manual may be informative

(FYI there's no such thing as a "digital" ariel. Its just an ariel.)

June 2018


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