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Logik TV input will not accept HDM1 input?

The input menu remains on DTV and the TV will not accept an input of HMD1 as it simply turns back to DTV which... [Read more]
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Sky digitoxin remote ,flashing light all time?

Digibox remote will not work . Has flashing red light all the time and will not control box. Occasionally it ... [Read more]
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How can I get my bush btvd31187s back to hdmi using sky remote ?

Need to get back to hdmi using the sky remote on my bush TVs , model btvd31187s2 . Any ideas please
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How to replace broken cord pull opener on Velux GGL4 ?

Opening cord on my Velux GGL4 middle hung sky light window has broken how do I replace it. Window out of norma... [Read more]
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how toreseal my sky light?

how to reseal sky light in my Talbot van
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Sky box red light wont go out and my remote only works the TV?

Tried batteries out etc but still didn't work so I pressed the Sky button and no 3 on the remote as my box is ... [Read more]
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For the engineers, gts, emanno,nick?

Hi guys, I am having a real hard time finding decent bellboxes to use these days and am at a loss. I started w... [Read more]
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We are not getting any synopses, and have to keep switching box off. As we lose programs. Our box is Sky HD+ ... [Read more]
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how to fix carburetta on 2 stroke honda sky 1997?

I have a Honda sky 50 1997 2 stroke I have put a 70 bore kit on it it struggled so I read big bore box and sai... [Read more]
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unlock thamson sky+ tvbox?

1:Am in Uganda but I would like to know wether ab le to use my box using free Sat. 2:How can I connect it us... [Read more]

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