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How to mend...Problem Freezer Red Light

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What is the problem with my lamona under freezer. The red button keeps flas?

The green light and orange light are on but the red triangle button keeps flashng
Mend Kitchen Appliances, Freezers

American style Beko double door fridge freezer, what is the problem?

i have a BEKO double door American style fridge freezer, the indicator panel is flashing with -18 then E, the ... [Read more]
Mend Kitchen Appliances, Freezers

Problem with my FF78P Hotpoint Fridge/freezer?

Two days ago the Fridge ceased working, although Freezer was absolutely fine. Switched appliance off for 24 h... [Read more]
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what is wrong with my freezer?

The red triangle light is on and so is the orange 'F' light, but my food isn't frozen what is the problem with... [Read more]
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whirlpool fridge/freezer filter light staying permantley red?

on replacing the new water filter on the large fridge/freezer the red reset button changes to green for 2 seco... [Read more]
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kyoto freezer tall?

freezer will not freeze much below 0 centergrade i frooze some water it froze problem red light stays on
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Hotpoint FF63P red light on and appliance not cooling?

The red light is on on my fridge freezer. Have noticed that FF is no longer as cold as it should be. How can ... [Read more]
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Servis M0330s fridge frezer problem?

Hi I have a Servis M0330s Fridge Freezer. It has recently started to click and the red light keeps flashing ... [Read more]
Mend Kitchen Appliances, Freezers

i have a problem with my hotpoint ffm70 frost free fridge/freezer?

my hotpoint ffm70 fridge/freezer has the red high temp light on permanently and the back of the freezer behind... [Read more]
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