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Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

how do i fix my car radio and cd player,i drive a 307 Peugeot?

My car radio displays but it can not play,it only shows CD,DVD eject and those are the only battons that work,... [Read more]
Mend Video, DVD Players

My DVD Player displays "PROTECT" and will not function?

I have a Sony DAV-C450 Compact System that has served me well, but all of a sudden, when my wife tries to play... [Read more]
Mend Audio, CD Players

Problem with Hitachi CD Player?

Most CD played distort the sound and sometimes displays no CD and jumps a track or two. Other times it will pl... [Read more]
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

how can i fix my multi change 57 xtrail cd player?

cd player will not eject or play any cd. can here motor, trys then stops and displays eject
Mend Audio, CD Players

cd player wont play cds?

Hi. Ive had my ford focus zetec for around 2 years, it is an 05 plate. It has a standard sony 6 cd multichange... [Read more]
Mend Audio, CD Players

Why won't my cd player play the cd?

Factory radio in 2003 Silverado: When I insert the cd, it sits idle for approx 45 seconds, then ejects the cd... [Read more]
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

cd player?

I have a 2003 ford f150 that displays cd error and will not play cd or eject them
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

How can i fix my cassette player?

I have a 1998 Oldsmobile 88 LS and the cassette player continually displays the error message E10. I bought an... [Read more]
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

fix cd error displayed on cd?

how do i fix my car cd player when it displays cd error and will not play
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

how do i fic my cars cd player?

i played a cd in my kenwood kdc-134 the other day and it just stopped and didn't play again it ejects and reco... [Read more]
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

cd player won't play?

The CD player in my Citroen Picasso displays 'load cd' but doesn't play when loaded. Does anyone know how to f... [Read more]
Mend Video, Cassette Recorders

player will not play a vhs tape?

my combination dvd vhs player now only displays colorful blocks and black streaks when playing a tape. what c... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

where are the expert my car cd player isfaulty?

my volvo cd player wont play and displays off
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

My car player, a Clarion AX413R displays the word TEL and won't play. ?

Hi - my sterio just displays three letters TEL and I can't get it to do anything else - has anybody any ideas ... [Read more]
Mend Video, DVD Players

How to fix DVD stuck on root?

My Prima HT-TW57P DVD player displays 'root' when I insert a disc and sticks there. The unit will play CDs. An... [Read more]
Mend Video, DVD Players

How can I fix my advent in car dvd player?

My advent in car dvd player displays a 2 on the screen and doesn't play or eject the dvd currently inside.
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