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Immobilizer fault?

2003 renault kangoo 1.5 dci70 no button key. Immobilizer light stays on and glowplug indicator not coming on. ... [Read more]
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Renault Kangoo glow plug relay?

Is the relay a metal thing with fins next to battery or small brown cube in fuse box?
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? 2003 renaultkangoo 1.4i c/v joint +g/box problems?

renault kangoo 2003 1.4i inner c/v joint leaks at gearbox and boot is broken. how do i fix or repair. where do... [Read more]
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Unable to lock car, as red warning light always on?

Red warning light on dashboard is nearly always on, even when driving my Kangoo Dynamique along the road,alarm... [Read more]
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How can I fix Renault kangoo 1.9 van x reg?

Renault kangoo 1.9deisel van x reg. glow light NOT showing on dash board and won't start. Changed relay Uni... [Read more]
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my renault 1.9 idles rough kangoo on a 2000 plate?

I have put new glow plugs/ecu/air filter/fuel filter the van starts first time runs perfect at high speed ,but... [Read more]
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Renault kangoo 1.5cdi (2006)?

I have replaced the resistor and my fan worked for a short while , now it's stopped working all together , my ... [Read more]
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renault kangoo 2003 will not start?

changed glow plugs it will turn over but will not start how ever it will start if i bump it off down street pl... [Read more]
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Remove door panel?

How do you remove rear door panel off a Renault kangoo
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Renault Kangoo 2010 van locking problems?

I try to lock the doors by using the key fob and can hear the doors lock but immediately opens again? Any idea... [Read more]
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JVC KD-S6060 car stereo cd player?

Can u pls tell me if the above CD player will fit into a Renault kangoo van year 2002? Thanks
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how do i bypass the diesel pump immobiliser on my 1.9 diesel renault kangoo?

how do i bypass the diesel pump immobiliser on my 1.9 diesel renault kangoo van.
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renault kangoo starts but cuts out immediately?

My renault kangoo 1.4i starts but then it cuts out immediately after. Almost as if something was not allowing ... [Read more]
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renault kangoo van 2010?

I have no hand book and a warning light has appeared on the dashboard, the symbol appears to be a "bucket" wi... [Read more]
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Renault kangoo van radio code?

Hi anyone out there know how to get my radio code. BP8124y8516353. 7648124391. Many thanks Dave

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