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vw passat oil light?

I have a 2002 passat oil light flashes and stop sign comes up .There is oil in the car I am not driving now as... [Read more]
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Rear parking sensor problem ?

Hi does anyone know what will be wrong with my car I've got a 2004 Passat tdi and when I put it into reverse a... [Read more]
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vw passat audio player?

hi i need help with audio players cod. blaupunkt gmbh 7612002076 bno881 radio navigation 1K0035191E ... [Read more]
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how can i fix the glow plug lamp?

vw passat 2.0l diesel 2010 glow plug light flashes and i have reduced power
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tailgate lock renewal?

1998/2000 B3, volkswagon passat estate
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vw Passat b6 2009,Passenger air bag fault?

I have 2009 VW PASSAT B6, while changing my stereo with after market one, i removed the connection plug on the... [Read more]
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how can i fix a leak in VW Passat?

Losing water from cooling system in VW Passat
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Hi I need a radio code for VW Passat 1998 . Phylips?

Hi I need a radio code for VW Passat 1998 . Phylips VWZ6Z2W1041911 BETA V 1J0035152B 902221589719 ... [Read more]
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start problem?

i have a 07 vw passat tdi 2l diesel ,if i parking over night it won't start first time ,and it will start 2nd ... [Read more]
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offside rear door will not unlock by fob or manually?

vw passat 1999 S reg 1.9 TDI saloon. How do I open it? All other doors are O.K.
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my heater fan on vw passat 1.9tdi makes horrible noise then stops?

my heater fan on vw passat 1.9tdi makes a knocking noise and adoesnt blow air into the car then just stops.
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Passat sat nav no signal ?

Hi my Passat sat nav has no signal

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