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Omega OC64TZ Kitchen Cooktop Schott Ceran?

Hi, I can't get the cooker to turn on, it's all lit up but even with a pan on it it doesn't actually heat u... [Read more]
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

cd/radio shows 7safe?

I have an omega 2001,the battery was out for over 1 year as i was working abroad, now trying to get cd/radio o... [Read more]
Mend Household Appliances, Washing Machines

How Can I Fix The Below Problem?

My Indesit Omega 1100 Ecosence washing machine Fills with water upon start up, Yet, When wash cycle starts, Th... [Read more]
Mend Kitchen Appliances, Electric Cookers

Can I replace grill element myself?

The grill element on my Omega Europa 60-1 oven is broken and hanging down! Can I source the part and replace i... [Read more]
Mend Security Systems, Car Alarm Systems

alarm on my omega keeps going off help please?

how many sensors are there ?
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

vauxhall omega 2002 52 plate cd/radio in safe mode?

i recently purchased my Omega, the radio/cd player a CDR 2005 unit is in 'SAFE' mode, due to the previous owne... [Read more]
Mend Garden Tools, Lawn Mowers

Omega 48 fires but then cuts out?

The laser fires but then immediately cuts out. All oil and petrol are fine and I have cleaned the spark plug. ... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

why does my omega beep at me ????

Why is it sometimes my 2002 vauxhall omega decides to give three beeps at me when i remove the ignition key, i... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

where is reverse switch on 2002 vauxhall omega ??

I have intermittent reverse lights on my 2002 omega, im guessing at this stage it is the switch, i have read a... [Read more]
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how to ghange a washer on a omega bristan tap ?

wash basin tap omega bristan gold circle round top no visieble means to open

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