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Matsui vx1108 is not responding to zapper. Why please?

Zapper will turn on, eject but will not set clock or play or ffwd or fretn. Tv signal is ok through the vcr. The buttons on the vcr will only eject but not fwd or retn. What do I do now please?

November 2017
So, not only is your VCR not responding to the zapper (remote control), it is also not responding to the same commands from buttons on the unit itself.

That suggests the remote control is probably OK and the problem is in the VCR.

You can probably pick up a used one for less than the likely cost of a repair:

But I'd think about getting a decent (maybe secondhand) branded PVR - something like a Humax - not a badged up Chinese pile 'em high and sell 'em cheap import.

November 2017

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