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traceing a heater relay on a vauxhall frontera?

my daughters frontera has no heating fan,have checked fuses , blower switch, ect but no indecation of where th... [Read more]
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M Reg Ford Mondeo 1.8?

Heater blower not working on any setting, have checked fuses,and relays. Switch is connected ok.. any other pl... [Read more]
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rover 400 blower switch?

My blower switch for the heater/cooler has five settings, setting 1 and 2 do not work but 3 to 5 do. I do I fi... [Read more]
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LDV 400 hi top Diesel?

The heater blower is working but only blows cold air, also the temp gauge never moves off the zero mark, i've ... [Read more]
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how to install a new heater blower switch on a mondeo 98?

how to fit a blower switch to a mondeo,only blows on no 3
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heater blower ford mondeo n registration?

heater blower ford mondeo n registration
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how can I fix the heater on my N reg nissan micra?

The heater (blower) switch only works on the maximum setting. I have checked the switch on the dashboard with... [Read more]
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fixing heating system?

The hot air blower is no longer blowing on my rover 620 the green light and orange one still work there is a s... [Read more]
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94 ford excort lx heat air conditioning not work?

hi my proublem is the blower motor works fine fuses are fine but the heater and air conditioner wont blow any ... [Read more]
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My Hotpoint Aquarius WD61 will start dry cycle but stops after approx 40s?

My Hotpoint Aquarius washer drier 1100 WD61, will start a dry cycle but stops after approximately 40seconds? ... [Read more]
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