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goodmans lcd ld2262d no startup?

no start up no stby light switch mode ic replaced and opto coupler checked caps still dead
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goodmans xpro ?

how turn this tv on without the tv controler?
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my goodmans portable tv model ld1575d?

tv comes on and goes off right away i have removed the back but no signs of caps damage can you help please. ... [Read more]
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can i unlock my channels on goodmans freeview box?

can i unlock my channels on my goodmans freeview box
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goodmans plasma 42inch x-pro?

my tv has went dark -it made a noise like a bulb had went. the colour had been flickering for a few days befo... [Read more]
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is there any audio output on a goodmans ld3266d ?

I have bought a Bose solo which requires an audio output from my tv. I have tried using the headphone socket... [Read more]
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goodmans xb17cbg?

need a user manual
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faulty goodmans LP2667D2 tv?

when tv is plugged in it wont power up.
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how can i fix my Goodmans X-Pro portable dvd player?

The batteries for the x-pro don't hold the charge.When charging,the lights on the battery change from red to g... [Read more]
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Repair volume ?

repair volume on goodmans cd, cassette , and radio player, the volume will not turn down all way
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tv goodmans gtvl26w29hdf?

my goodmans tv started flickering and will not stop now the picture has gone nearly black. I have switched off... [Read more]
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Child lock?

How can i get the child lock off my goodmans x-pro gtv42p4 without the original remote. Any suggestions please... [Read more]
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I have a Goodmans GHC50, When watching tv it keeps crackling at certain frequencies although this is not const... [Read more]
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Goodmans GPS 160 R?

I have a Goodmans Radio, Cassette and CD player, model GPS 160R the cassette tape transport mechanism does n... [Read more]
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Remote for 21"TV (Goodmans LD2262D) stopped working. ?

The remote for my TV stopped working (for no reason) - I have re-placed the batteries with NEW ones. It ha N... [Read more]
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Goodmans GBM625 container leaking?

Bread container is leaking through paddle joint
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Goodmans LCD TV LD2667D2 intermittent white screen?

Intermittent white screen, sound is ok, if left for a while the picture appears on its own. I have both circui... [Read more]
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goodmans gce780mpt manual free download help,please
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need pic of inside goodmans ld3261hdfvt?

i need a picture of inside a goodmans ld3261hdfvt i took out psu and mother board and have forgotten where the... [Read more]
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how can fix goodmans 42 gtv42p4 plasma tv?

Have problem it seems my plasma tv is not showing any red light hence on standby mode i have switched it on an... [Read more]

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