1 hour ago: Schreiber APP6043 lights continually flash?

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Goodmans freeview box?

I need the password to re tune Goodwins freeview box model SDDTR I need BBC channels which have now dissapeared

May 2020
As below, there does not appear to be a Goodmans model that relates to the one you have posted about.
I can't offer specific advice, but I'd suggest trying to get to the main menu and select "factory reset" or "first time installation" and go from there. Unplugging the power and leaving for ten minutes before powering up again may clear a software glitch potentially causing your problem. As far as I'm aware, there is no password needed for this type of reset. It would be interesting if you could post a reply on how you solved this issue if you manage to do so.

May 2020
Goodmans or Goodwin's?

Can't find ANY reference to Goodwin's or any model SDDTR.

This may help:


May 2020

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