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My dad 45 150 running slow . not rev beyond 15000revs?

Lorries/Trucks 2004 model, has electric throttle pedal, brain box or ( ECU) and electric injections..
DAF 45 150 (LF) running slow?
I have a DAF 45 150 lf, I am having problems with loss of power, The engine in all gears sticks at about 15000revs (the bottom of the green bit on the rev counter), I have changed the fuel filter, checked the air filter and drained the sediment trap on the fuel tank and this at first appeared to do the trick, a few days later and the problem has returned, although i did manage to get above 15000 revs when i started the engine but the revs dropped off, a friend has suggested changing the fuel lift pump. the enginre runs fine and the truck drives alright, no smoke from the exhaust, no misfires or anything. its a bit embarrassing going everywhere at 20-30mp.

festus o.

festus o
November 2022

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