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Tappet noise from engine. How can I fix this?

Renault clio 90Tec year 2013 40,000mos Has a noise like tappets when idling. Have had the timeing chain and ... [Read more]
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How to fix knocking & slapping noise in engine compartment with smoke. ?

Please help me to fix knocking and slapping noise and emission of smoke in engine compartment. It is Renault M... [Read more]
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noise on pug 206?

When in neutral and when driving a noise comes from engine (squeaking & rattle), when clutch pedal depressed n... [Read more]
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How can I fix my Aquatronic 2 plus electric shower?

The temperature is fine for about 10 minutes then a click and quiet engine noise(like it's trying to control t... [Read more]
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Renault Scenic 1 1.8 petrol Stop light on ?

Just towed my son home, His alternater belt shredded and some of it wrapped around alternater and obviously pu... [Read more]
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Noisy Boiler?

Hi My Potterton combi boiler has started making a noise like a (car engine)? but not as loud. it makes this l... [Read more]
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Vauxhall Zafira cut out and speedo clicking?

driving my car earlier, I slowed down to a standstill in traffic, all of the dials on the dash flickered then ... [Read more]
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Key won't disable immobiliser 2003 LDV Convoy HELP!!?

Hi, I have a 2003 (53 plate) LDV Convoy (tipper) with a 2.4 Duratorq transit engine. When I insert the key and... [Read more]
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How can I fix my car after gettin cam belt fitted?

Got a cam belt fitted and ever since from cold start it makes a noise in 1st and second gear until engine gets... [Read more]
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ticking noise?

when engine warm i hear a ticking noie from drivers side e ngine side on renault clio mk2
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starting problem ldv400 ford 2.5td?

When I try starting my ldv400 ford 2.5td it makes a juddering noise. On a warm dry day it seems to start okay ... [Read more]
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how can i fix my ryobi RLT254FCDSN whipper snipper?

Whipper snipper makes loud rattling noise in the engine and vibrates excessively. Have recently replaced spark... [Read more]
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what's wrong?

2002 year mgtf, when i try to start the engine there's a rapid clicking noise coming from the engine area, oth... [Read more]
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125cc aprilla habana custom will not move ?

hi i have a aprilla Habana custom and when I start it it splutters and I cant seem to get it to move just cant... [Read more]
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goes hot and cold?

Hi, got aqualisa quartz electric 9.5...just lately i hear a click noise from the engine and the water goes col... [Read more]

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