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Electrolux EFC 90001 X Hob/Oven Extractor?

I have an Electrolux EFC 90001 X Hob/Oven Extractor (PNC 942 490 009 02) . It is completely dead after a bulb blew, with bulbs and fan not working and the power indication light at the switches does not light up.

However there is power to the 3-pin supply that plugs into the motor!!

I have ordered a new motor but I am not sure it was at fault.
Any ideas? Thanks Jim

James Allen Beston
August 2022
Thanks for coming back with an update. That's a rare thing on this site.

August 2022
The indication that the plug was live (using a screwdriver tester) was wrong. Testing the supply with a multimeter showed zero voltage. the fuse in the spur connection had blown.
I dismantled the old motor and gave it for scrap. It was 12 years old so not too bothered. It will teach me to test the circuit and not to rely on a dubious tester!

I have replaced the incandescent bulbs, the failure of one probably caused the fuse to blow with LED bulbs which are unlikely to either fail or if they do cause the fuse to blow!

Thanks, Jim.

August 2022
So, lights dead, indicator light dead, motor dead.
By "3 pin supply" one assumes you mean the 3 pin socket on the wall is live.
All that suggests there's no power getting from the 3 pin plug into the extractor.
One assumes you've checked the fuse in the plug. It'll probably be a 3 or 5 Amp, not 13 Amp.
Are there any fuses inside the extractor itself? Probably not but worth a thought.
And you've ordered a new motor but not checked the old one? Hopefully you can return the new motor if it turns out not to be needed.

August 2022


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