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mondeo would not start?

i start my 97 Ford Mondeo Ghia car and reverse then about to drive off and the car shut off, when tring to sta... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

noise when engine is cold. ford cougar 24v?

i have an accoustic noise like a very deep toned air horn, that comes from the air intake when the car is cold... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

bmw 3 1996?

how can i fix car horn. horn works of battery
Mend Vehicles, Cars

car horn and airbag light?

my airbag light flashes on & off 7 second interv horn stopped working aswell just had new clutch fitted and st... [Read more]
Mend Audio, In-Car Audio

93 Citroen AX Car Radio?

The car stereo I installed in my citroen was working but it would just turn on and off, then just the other da... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

ford mondeo 2001 central locking problems?

!hi paul pls help!! last year the key fob stopped working for remote opening of doors so i just opened doors m... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

peugeot 206cc car horn?

hi,my car horn is working but not giving a loud full blast! do i need to buy a new one?
Mend Vehicles, Motorcycles

peugeot speed fight 2 100cc wont start?

hi, i recently purchased a 100cc speed fight 2 and it worked fine until a few days ago. within 2 week i rode ... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

The central horn button sticks on in my Rover 416?

How do I stop my hoen button in the centre of the steering wheel work properly. It sticks on sometimes. The ca... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

Re-connect horn lead?

How to reach the horn on my Renault Clio 2001 X Reg. The connection seems to have come off, and can't see it f... [Read more]
Mend Audio, Audio Systems

which fuse do i change?

i have a ford ka2 and my reverse light and horn are not working i want to check the fuses but dont understand ... [Read more]
Mend Security Systems, Car Alarm Systems

How do I deactivate my car alarm system?

I own a 2001 Subaru Legacy AWD GTWagon. It has an after factory alarm system. How do I deactivate the alarm s... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

how can i disconnect my vauxhall corsa immobiliser?

hi i have a l reg corsa 1.4 my battery died, when i jump started it an alarm went off which i didnt even know ... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

How can i fix the Horn on my girlfriends peugeot 106 V Reg?

How can i fix my girlfriends car horn on her peugeot 106, V Reg and how do i know which fuse it is.
Mend Vehicles, Cars

how do i fix my car horn ford laser kf ?

my car horn is not working
Mend Vehicles, Cars

fix a horn on a fiat punto?

The horn on my car sounds like a bad cough. I have checked and changed the fuses but it has,ny worked is there... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

How do I fix my horn?

My car is a Renault Clio My horn has just stopped working. Can anyone please help me in simple Instructions.
Mend Vehicles, Cars

How can i fix my Nissan serena?

Hi i have a Nissan serena automatic, deisel and the wipers also the horn and the wipers and the heater has sto... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

renault clio horn ?

hi i have just had the worse exxperience ever, my car horn decided it wanted to go off on its own whilst i was... [Read more]
Mend Vehicles, Cars

my car horn?

my car horn is not working, i have checked all connections, what else can i check to get it working, also is i... [Read more]
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