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My camera freezes,won't save pictures and read error why.?

Why does my Fuji S1600 freezes and doesn't save pictures and says read error
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hey i have a kodak easy share z700 ?

when i turn the camera on it opens but the error code e45 comes up so when i go to close it it dont retract
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My J27 Fuji camera has a ''zoom error'' ?

Shows ''zoom error'' and the zoom wont close. Also doesn't seem to be charging. Can anyone advise as the cos... [Read more]
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lens stuck,fujifilm a370?

screen shows zoom error,lens will not move, fujifilm A370 digital camera
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pc download?

why does my pc show blue screen error when i try to download pictures from my hitachi hdc887e digi camera?
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How can I fix my Sanyo Digital Camera E1090?

When I try to turn on my camera it saying lens error 0 1301 and then shuts off what can I do to fix it?
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how can i fix my fuji finepix zoom error?

when i switch on the camera the lcd display will not light and i get a zoom error display
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how can i fix my sanyo vpc s1070 camera?

when i turn it on the sanyo sound and logo displays for about five seconds then fades then an error message ... [Read more]
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How can I fix my JVC Model GR-D70U?

I recieved a camera from a friend that says lens cap error even though the lens cap has been removed and the s... [Read more]
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samsung s1070 card error appears also format is asked unable to take photos?

when switching on camera green light comes on, also card error will appear, also asked to format but proccess... [Read more]

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