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My Lumix DMC-TZ30 has done the same thing. How do I fix it?

My Lumix DMC-TZ30 suddenly came up with System Error (zoom) half way through our 4 week holiday in Italy. Very grumpy about this as I want to record our experiences on this trip. (We're from New Zealand). I've had earlier Lumix cameras and they have come with me on skiing, tramping, fishing holidays and in the Aussie outback with no problems. This camera is only 18 months old and the fault has nothing to do with the treatment the camera has received so it must be a product fault. Panasonic needs to help sort this out so its customers can have confidence in these products. Come on Panasonic get in touch with me and these other people and do the right thing. Replace our cameras.

Andy Bogacki
September 2015
I somehow doubt that Panasonic are listening
I somehow doubt that anyone here can help you either
Shame you didn't take an old camera to Italy

If Panasonic are listening they will need your contact details to get in touch with you as you ask.

Good Luck...
September 2015


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