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What can I do to get rid of bugs in my violin?

My sisters and I have two violins and a viola. Recently, the chin rests of all three instruments have had small bugs on them. The bugs are real tiny and look like white ants/termites, but my brother says that they are too small to be termites.

We tried dismantling the chin rest and spraying the cork with insecticide. However, the bugs are still there!

At first, we noticed only about two or three bugs on each chin rest. Just today, we checked again and there were a whole lot more crawling around! Strangely, the bugs are only on the chin rest and no where else.

Another thing we noticed today was that the chin rests were a little dusty, coated with something like fine saw dust. I am worried that the bugs are eating our instruments.

Am I the first person to experience bugs living on my violin?

Please advise me on what I can do. I am getting rather desperate, because I dare not play my violin now.

Thank you for your help.

April 2007
I have bugs on my violin chin rest as well. I dont think they are termites. Rather, I reckon they're there because of your sweat. Whenever I place a cloth between my chin and the chin rest, the bugs dont rly appear.

But since they are already there, I suggest you take the case out and place the case in the sun to get rid of the remaining bugs first. Then make sure you dont leave sweat on your violin. Best if you just use a cloth like I do.


October 2013
may i ask if there is a spider on the violin before

Kuroda Astsuo
October 2012
i have the same problem too one day when i open the violin case i found the white ants and i am afraid that the had laid its eggs in my violin i really am scared to play my violin too. Not sure what happen to it too

Kuroda Astsuo
October 2012
My daughter plays the clarinet and she found the same thing. She has cleaned them off only to have them reappear. I would like information on them. And what to do to get rid of them.

December 2009
That would be woodworm.
Get a mothball?

29 Nov 2008

November 2008
Sorry this isn't an answer !! but my son's viola has the same problem. We only found the bugs on Saturday 13.09.08, as you describe tiny white ones I had to put my glasses on to see them properly. We were afraid they were eating his violaWe are investigating. Have you found out what they are yet and how to get rid of them safely without damaging the viola or player ? Please leave an answer if you have - we will too !

R Keir
September 2008
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