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rebushing of holes in peg-box to install new pegs.?

peg holes in peg box have been reamed and are now to large for standard size pegs. can the holes be rebushed and drilled/reamed for new pegs ? if so. are bushings available commercially ?

Frederick Fernandez
October 2010
Fat pegs give coarse tuning and may leave no space to pass string under. Bushings(boxwood),pegs,peg_shavers,reamers etc. are available from companies such as Touchstone in Surrey, U.K. A good violin should go to a good luthier with correct tools. A lower quality violin will not repay the cost of above items and time. Only attempt this if you are a competent craftsman.

Alan G.
October 2016
A far as I'm aware it is not normal to re bush. You can get over size pegs for the newly reamed holes.

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March 2011


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