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Alarm not going off?

I have a 700L C&K Securitech house alarm system.
When I put in the code No. 5 (REDLIGHT IS ON, not flashing)
After setting the alarm with the code, the alarm does not go off, just a continuous ringing tone.
At this stage it should go off!
To get rid of the ringing tone I have to reset it with the code again.

So, basically the alarm is not functioning.
The Buzzer/Ringer is working, as I tested it.


November 2022
Hi Steve, whatever type of sensor on zone 5 is indicating that it is “open”. At the end of the exit time, as it is still open the exit tone continues to alert you to this fact. You need to find out what zone 5 is, and fix that. Just for your info the system although continuing to make the exit noise will in fact have set, automatically omitting zone 5.

If other pirs on the system are ok, ie have power at them, i suggest it may be a door contact which has failed. Best to find out what zone 5 actually is before going any further.

November 2022

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