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How to charge a dead battery when can't open the bonnet?

I have a peugeot bipper van 2011, battery is dead and I cannot open the bonnet or the doors to get at the battery a mechanic told me to lift the van up and use the starter motor to charge the battery. The starter motor has two wires on it but I don't know what to do with it, any idea

robert hunt
January 2022
Once you have located the starter motor, you will see the solenoid switch on top. The solenoid will have two big wires connected with nuts under protective covers, plus two smaller wires with plastic connector. Ignore the smaller wires, and concentrate on the two large ones. The wire at the top, furthest away from the actual motor is the positive cable. The lower one is negative and can be confirmed by checking that this connector can be seen to be attached to the metal body of the motor housing. Expose the positive terminal and connect your red battery charger lead to this nut being careful it doesn’t touch any surrounding metal. Attach the black charger lead to the other nut and you should be able to unlock the van with the key almost instantly. If not wait a few minutes and you should be ok

January 2022
A few ideas here

January 2022

You could also try asking in some of the online Peugeot forums.

January 2022


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