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How can I mend my Epson SX-200 paper feed?

Epson SX- 200 Ink Jet

The paper feed is grabbing (snatching) the paper which makes it not straight. Consequently it will not feed into the rollers, resulting in a paper jam. There is nothing in the actual paper feed path that is causing any blockage. Any ideas?

Harry G
November 2021
I used to work on computers, the problem can be overcome with no cost (the rollers could be shinny ) , hold a piece of sandpaper against rollers or ladies nailfile whilst the rollers are turning to roughing up the surface of the rollers

November 2021
If it is old or has been used a lot, it is probably a worn or perished rubber roller that is worth about tuppence ha'penny but will need a lot of head scratching, the right tools, a lot of patience and the biggest pot of luck you can buy. And that is if you can find (or mackle) the replacement part !

And remember that if one has gone the others (and there will be several) the others will be ready to go as well. So if you are going to replace one, replace the lot.

And before you start ask yourself this; if you manage to disassemble the mechanism, can you get it all back together again ?

Of course, someone may turn up and tell you that "all you need to do is hold the colour scan button down for ten seconds and jobs a good 'n", but I doubt it.

14:41 Sunday 21 November 2021

November 2021


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