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Epson printer ?

Epson stylus DX4800 printer, scanner, copy running on PC Windows 7.

Given to us but one Magenta cartridge is out of ink I am trying to scan in black and white mode but it keeps showing the Magenta cartridge is empty.
Can this command be overridden without damage to the printer?. I don't want to buy cartridge/s unless I know the unit works, as the cartridges are at a rip off price, with most expensive £17 for originals.
Anyone had an issue with same model using compatible cartridges which are considerably less in price.
Thanks for reading and /or replying. Much appreciated

March 2015
An empty cartridge shouldn't stop you scanning documents and photos but it will stop you printing anything until the cartridge is replaced. I won't use compatible inks as that throws up warning messages and the quality is unlikely to be up to that of genuine Epsom products. I tend to buy my genuine Epsom ink off eBay and pay up to £20 for a complete set of 4. I don't consider that a rip-off.

However if you want to buy cheap you'll probably find out it works out more expensive in the long run.

March 2015


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