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how to fix printer error see your documentation problem?

I have an Epson R360 and attempted to print a cd. As I put the tray in the printer didn't respond, when I looked at the screen the display was showing a message, " Printer Error. Please see your documentation" It advises to turn off and turn on again which I have done, several times. It was working directly before this as I had printed my daughters homework.

I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them to see if it would make any difference, but nothing. My printer just keeps telling me this message. When I power it up there is a lot of noise coming from inside the printer, the ink carriage is moving but not a great deal. Any help advice is appreciated.

Adams Ahmed
March 2015
Problem seemed intermittent - some days it worked some days it didnt. Could not change the ink cartridges as the "box" was hidden to the right. There was no visible foreign object so gave it a good blow (breath, not a hit) a bit of dust moved and it worked!

John P
July 2020
Open the top and take a good look inside. Chances are there is something that should not be there that is blocking the head assembly.

By the way, this is NOT the place to post printer related questions. It should go in Computers | Printers

March 2015
Sounds like the head mechanism is being obstructed, have you tried a built in test print, or head clean, you can open the top whilst it is doing the work

March 2015


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