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how can i fix an e2 error on the necht wqp12-9319 dish washer?

hello i have an error, e2 on my necht wqp12-9319 dish washer and the base is full of water.
please can you help

June 2020
You have a flooded belly pan at floor level which activates a float switch and triggers the E2 code. This is not the main cabinet area, but a hidden area under the machine.
Isolate the mains power, then take off the front panel under door and see if you can mop up the water you will find there. You can also pull out the dishwasher and tip it backwards to empty the water out. This will probably solve the issue on a short term basis as it sounds like you have a leak which will need attention to avoid this happening in the future

June 2020
water in the bottom of the dishwasher. pump not working and have cleaned the 3 parts of the drain

June 2020

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