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U3 error in Fisher & Paykel DD601v2?

Got U3 error even AFTER I replaced the rotor AND cleaned the drain with small metal wire. It started washing, then didn't drain and gave U3 error.

May 2020
U3 means the control board thinks it filled too quick. There is a High pressure & a Low pressure water setting. If it is set wrong you will get the U3 fault. Open the drawer and place a finger on the programme selection button and the Eco button at the same time. Hold it for 5 seconds until it beeps. LCD screen should now have a red back light and either HP or LP on the screen. If it shows LP change it to HP by pressing the start/pause button once. The press power off button on front which will lock in the HP setting. Try a wash cycle.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
May 2020

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