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Bose Wave radio/cd won't play cd?

There was already a cd in the slot then my son put a second cd in the slot. Both were stuck. He got both out but now the cd player doesn't recognize cd's. The radio works fine. There is something loose and rattles when turning the wave upside down. Is my wave radio/cd model # AWRCC1 worth fixing? What can I do to repair the broken player?

August 2018
firstly it sounds as if your son may have caused some damage if something is rattling about you need to open the unit to see what is rattling if you dont see anything amiss then unplug the unit and supply a 9v battery to the motor that drives the laser mechanism forward and back to confirm it does if so then pop in a cd if you hear the assembly move into position then remove cd clean the laser with isopropyl and also a little bit of morton grease along the track that moves the laser into position these units are prone to not reading cds

March 2019

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