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Bose Sounddock has no sound?

I have an older Bose Sounddock, I guess the 1st white model one. It charges my iPod but does not have any sound. Did all the things required as in resetting the iPod, checking to make sure the DC adapter was in the correct way, even took out the 4 screws on the bottom to make sure all the ribbons were connected to the circuit board, replaced remote battery and even plugged it into another outlet. Nothing.... The remote isn't working either. Oh even tried my iPhone, but still nothing...

February 2010
Hi, it sounds like you docking connector has damaged pins. This happened to mine a couple of times. The best bet is to buy one from Theinvebo board didnt have that annoyng buizzing between tracks either. It came in a couple days and has lasted much longer than the others. I bought the charge upgrade version.

October 2010 fixed my broken connector. I got their charge-convertor upgrade kit online. You simply replace the whole board in a few minutes I was up and running. Works really well. My dock was outof action for just three days!

August 2010
One of the most common problems with the Sounddock is that the dock connector gets loose, giving different symptoms (depending on exactly which of the 30 pins are not having good contact). No sound, one channel sound, no control and similar are all common symptoms for this condition.

If you are VERY GOOD at soldering, you can fix this by resoldering the connector or replacing the connector. But most people can't perform this soldering in which case you need to replace the entire docking PCB. You can get 3rd party replacement PCBs at

March 2010

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