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No Display on hp presario CQ61 ?

I have a hp presario CQ61 the laptop- model: CQ61-312SA it turns on but at no point does it show any display on the screen and on the keyboard area there are 3 white lights that just flash one near the touchpad, one at the top right of the keyboard, and one left of the keyboard the only thing I can think of is the display inverter any ideas of a solution or remedy would be be greatly appreciated

Paul m
November 2017
Your num lock and cap lock are blinking. It indicate a BIOS fault.
Count how many times they blink. They should blink a few times, pause, then repeat the blinks sequence.
Next, go to
It should be in the manual.

Blink once, pause, repeat (slow blink rate): CPU fault. Professional needed.
Blink twice, pause, repeat : BIOS corruption.
Blink 3x, pause... : Memory not recognized. Re-seat memory modules.
Blink 4x pause... : Graphic card fault. Professional needed.
Blink 5x, pause... :General system board failure. Professional needed.
Blink 6x, pause... : BIOS authentication failure.

The page show the procedure to perform when you can do it yourself. (cases 2,3 and 6)

November 2017

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